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‘Mushroom Signals’ has a luxury hard cover, a 21 x 27 cm format, contains 150 full color pages and about 450 photos. The price is € 67,50 (incl. VAT).

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Naamloos‘Mushroom signals, a practical guide to optimal mushroom growing’  

Now: Available in English, Polish, Russian Dutch language!

From 17 November 2018 The Chinese version will be published!

‘Mushroom growing is an art. An art that can be mastered.’

The author

On 30 May 2016 the first copy of the English book ‘Mushroom signals’ is presented to Greg Seymour, president of ISMS (International Society for Mushroom Science) by author Mark den Ouden at the ISMS Conference in Amsterdam. Author Mark den Ouden is an international advisor/trainer and son of a mushroom grower.

Art of the professionNaamloos1

Mushroom growing is not an exact science. To learn how you can see, understand and act to mushroom signals in the right way is an art. And this art can be mastered. The process of successful mushroom growing starts with a proper assessment of raw materials needed for  optimal compost. When it comes to mushroom growing, it is the challenge that you react adequately to changing growth circumstances in order to achieve a good or even better growth result. ‘Mushroom Signals’ will show you how to put this into daily practice.


Look, think, act

‘Mushroom signals’ teaches composting managers and mushroom growers to optimize their production process by showing them how to pay attention to signals from daily practice. Not to jump to conclusions, but to always ask yourself three questions: What do I see? Why does this happen? What can I do about it? Example: What do I see? A day after watering the floor is still wet and the casing soil looks shiny. Why does this happen? Too little moisture is removed. Because of this the pinheads of the second flush cannot grow out properly and bacterial blotches may appear. What can I do about it? Decrease the RH (relative humidity) and CO2 (carbondioxide). This is one of the many signals with which you can optimize the production and quality of the mushrooms. A mushroom grows four percent per hour! By asking a picker to harvest more often per day from the same bed, you can achieve an increased production of at least ten per cent. So coaching of your employees is as important as monitoring your mushrooms.

Develop your Signals Antenna

The circumstances in which mushrooms are grown are different around the world. But the signals that you can pick up from compost and mushrooms are the same everywhere. On every spot on every moment you can pick up signals… as long as you put your ‘signals antenna’ on. ‘Mushroom Signals’ helps you develop this antenna.

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